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Faith in Unsettling Change

Faith During Unsettling Change

It was recently my last day in a job I have just loved. When I moved to London 20 months ago I had no idea...

Everlasting Crowns

I love the Olympics – it really is ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’. I was fortunate enough to go to London 2012.  I was...

Let Their Voices be Heard

Modern day slavery. It’s something we may rarely talk about in everyday conversations. We may not often touch on the issue.  But it’s an issue...
Freedom, Protect

On Wartime Sexual Violence

Wartime sexual violence is one of the most horrifying events in the world today, making the already tragic costs of war even more painful...
Censor, Freedom, Life

The Ultimate Problem in this World

Most people will agree that there’s something wrong in the world. You don’t have to go far to see this. Just take a look...
The pursuit of impartiality

The Pursuit of Impartiality

There are some scriptures which we so easily skim over, gleam some bit of feel-good fuel for the day and never go back to....
prostitution challenge demand

Prostitution: Why we need to Challenge the Demand

At present, prostitution is legal throughout the UK yet soliciting in public places, kerb-crawling, pimping, brothel keeping and trafficking for the purposes of prostitution...
times are shifting

Times are Shifting

In the wake of the referendum results, Prime Minister David Cameron is resigning after Brexit. Political confusion is at an uproar. Times are shifting. But...
saved by faith not feelings
Freedom, Lead, Life

Saved by Faith, Not Feelings

Our feelings and emotions are wonderful things. We feel the world through them. We express ourselves through them. We communicate through them. Yet emotions...
post ref vote clear-skies

The Power of a United Church Post Referendum

If someone, who happened to be completely oblivious to the EU referendum, were to wake up this morning and have their daily intake of...