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Our Life in His Hands

  Assisted suicide. This is a severe issue to tackle and as a Christian, what do you think of this difficult subject and what...
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Live in Uncertainty

I’ve once heard it preached that we shouldn’t pray for clarity but that we should trust God concerning our desire to know exactly what’s going to happen next...
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Dream Team

Do you ever wish you were on the world’s greatest team? Football, rugby, basketball, politics, cooking…even baking too. Do you ever wonder what it...

Refugees and Champions

If you are like me, you may have followed the Olympic games in Rio. Now that the closing ceremony has taken place, everything from the grit to...
consuming well
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Consuming Well

A little boy works twelve hours a day, sewing up 400 pairs of shoes. He works six days a week, earning less than $10...
Faith in Unsettling Change

Faith During Unsettling Change

It was recently my last day in a job I have just loved. When I moved to London 20 months ago I had no idea...

Everlasting Crowns

I love the Olympics – it really is ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’. I was fortunate enough to go to London 2012.  I was...

Let Their Voices be Heard

Modern day slavery. It’s something we may rarely talk about in everyday conversations. We may not often touch on the issue.  But it’s an issue...
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On Wartime Sexual Violence

Wartime sexual violence is one of the most horrifying events in the world today, making the already tragic costs of war even more painful...
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The Ultimate Problem in this World

Most people will agree that there’s something wrong in the world. You don’t have to go far to see this. Just take a look...