You probably already know that we’re fast approaching the general election which will be taking place on Thursday 7 May 2015. The coalition Government ended just the other day (30 March) and we’re now well into the election campaign season, which translates to “all political parties will be desperately trying to win your vote from now on”.

Your reaction to the above may have been either of the following: you might have just yawned and are already clicking out of this post, or you’ve just let out a big sigh and rolled your eyes whilst thinking about letting out a sarcastic “yay!”, or perhaps you might still be deciding whether this entire election hype is worth all the fuss and publicity. Or maybe, just maybe, you’re genuinely looking forward to having a say with the hope of seeing real positive change.

It’s no surprise that apathy towards engaging with the political world is becoming an increasing trend amongst younger generations, but whether you’re a first time voter or you’ve found yourself sat on the ‘should I bother voting?’ fence, here’s our helpful list of reasons why you should consider voting on May 7:

  1. Because as Christians, it’s part of our God-given mission. When we vote as an act of service, we are recognising our duty to be involved in our society.
  2. Because we should respect governing authorities. If you read the first few verses in Romans 13, the apostle Paul mentions that ‘whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted’.
  3. Because our choices are an opportunity to reflect God’s agenda for society. It’s another way to act as effective ‘salt and light’ in our communities and beyond.
  4. Because this election is expected to be a pretty close one, which means that each and every single vote really does matter.
  5. Because taking part is a way of affirming the human dignity and value of all people, especially since Jesus has commanded us to love our neighbours as we love ourselves.
  6. Because we bless and glorify God by engaging in voting which includes carefully analysing where politicians stand on important moral and societal issues and casting our vote as intelligently as possible. We therefore influence the make-up of the leadership and the future of our nation.

If the election still leaves you confused, do check out for a range of useful resources to help you think about important issues in the run up to the elections. You can also find out more about your last MP and how he/she has previously voted on various issues.

Remember, the decision of who you vote for is completely down to you, but first you must decide to vote, so let’s vote for God’s sake.