Who are we?

CurrentEvery drop of blood, every ounce of oxygen.
Every thought, word, and action.
Every blink, breath, and heartbeat.
Everything we are.
Everything we were.
Everything we will be.
It all has value.
It all has purpose.
We all have value.
We all have purpose.
Whether you are flying high.
Or wandering through the valley.
You have value.
You have purpose.
At Current we believe that everyone has value.
That life is valuable.
From its natural birth to its natural death
We believe that human dignity issues are valuable.
Debate is valuable.
Politics is valuable.
Community is valuable.
That’s why we exist.
We are a forum for the compassionate.
A community for those eager to learn.
A hub of information that can make, shape, and form opinion.
We are built on a foundation of respect.
An attitude of love.
A desire to bring value to the debate.
And value to each individual.
We are Current.



We believe in mobilising UK Christians in their 20s and 30s to make a real difference on issues surrounding public policy and human dignity issues that matter.

We are passionate about seeing our society have a greater respect for the value of human life.

We believe in improving the impact UK politics has when it comes to engaging Generation Y.

Current is an initiative from CARE (Christian Action, Research and Education).

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