It’s ok to disagree with each other. To disagree with each other and yet still respect each other is a sign of genuine maturity.

However, civil disagreements are becoming increasingly rare in the culture that we live. Instead of engaging with differing viewpoints, debate can simply be shut down by labelling the opposing side as fake news, intolerant, or lacking common sense.

It does not matter what the opinion is, but should you find yourself disagreeing with a group of people, you can almost certainly expect to receive a barrage of abuse. Rather than the argument receiving criticism, it is you who personally receives criticism.

This happens from all sides of every spectrum.

And this is wrong.

We have left wingers hurling abuse at right wingers. We have right wingers mocking left wingers. We have neo-liberals screaming at conservatives. We have conservatives laughing in the faces of liberals.

Yet I think behind all of this is the desire to be right; the desire to know what is true.

That in itself is a good thing. But in today’s melting pot of ideas it can be hard to discern what is right as we live in a hazy fog of abusive disagreements.

However, on June 8 this year, you have an opportunity to privately cast your vote about what you think is the right way forward for this nation. No one will see how you voted. There is no need to fear a backlash because this decision is made by you in complete privacy. It is a chance to make your voice heard loud and clear, and yet in a private manner.

It is easy to get caught up in vile disagreements. I would suggest you read through all the political parties’ manifestos to truly discern which one you think will take the UK in the right direction.

Feel free to firmly choose which way you think is best. But don’t destroy another person for holding a different viewpoint. They, as much as you, want the best for this country. They, as much as you, want to be respected.

To disagree with each other and yet still respect each other is a sign of genuine maturity.

Go and vote. Go and make your voice heard.

If you have not yet registered to vote, you have until May 22 to do so. You can register here.

To help you make up your mind, CARE have created a helpful website, engage17, which enables you to see how your candidates align with CARE’s issues.