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Approximately five foot "tall", Filipino, born and raised Londoner. I have a ridiculous love and appreciation for food, tea and all things sweet. Since graduating with a degree in marketing and advertising, my career has revolved around the world of social media (Instagram is my favourite platform!) I am a budding photographer and I serve at my local church as a youth and worship leader.



Decision time is almost upon us! You’ve been hearing about it for weeks and weeks thanks to tireless #Bremain and #Brexit campaigning …and here...
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Current Conversation: MAGNIFY Editor-In-Chief Ruth Awogbade

We’ve had an exciting opportunity to chat with MAGNIFY’s founder and Editor-In-Chief Ruth Awogbade about leadership, human value, the highly anticipated release of the...

6 Reasons Christians Should Vote

You probably already know that we’re fast approaching the general election which will be taking place on Thursday 7 May 2015. The coalition Government...

Watch: #GE15 – Will you be voting?


Lecrae feat. Abortion?

He’s a Christian, award-winning hip-hop/rap artist based across the pond. You may have heard of Lecrae and his latest album ‘Anomaly’ which topped the Billboard...
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Every drop of blood, every ounce of oxygen. Every thought, word and action. Every blink, breath and heartbeat. Everything we are. Everything we were....