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I'm from Edinburgh, now loving life in sunny London. Optimistic, outgoing and a stunning conversationalist. I once sang in front of my entire school assembly for a dare so East London has been a bit of a culture shock. Joined CARE in November as the new press officer. Passionate about Scotland, but in a non-threatening way.


Faith During Unsettling Change

It was recently my last day in a job I have just loved. When I moved to London 20 months ago I had no idea...
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Learning to Love

The call of Christian discipleship is incredibly tough. Whether you are extrovert, introvert, loud, quiet, male or female it is a proper slog. For...

The Economics of Abortion

Have you read or seen any of the coverage to do with an organisation called Planned Parenthood in America? If you haven’t and you...

Live and Let Live

Under British law, it is legal to commit suicide but illegal to help someone to do it. If Rob Marris, a Labour MP, has...

Stop being so embarrassed about purity

We can all too easily get ourselves in a tangle when it comes to purity. I think there are many of us, Christian lads...