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I'm from Portsmouth, studied English at Cambridge and am now the Children and Youth Worker at St Paul's Hammersmith. I particularly love working with our local primary school, and am continually amazed and challenged by the kids' simple, solid faith and genuine love of prayer. When I'm not working, I play hockey, and enjoy most sports - anything competitive will do! I also watch any and every crime drama. And, unashamedly, Neighbours.

GE15, Lead

Don’t Dial Out

We’re now a little over a month on from the general election on May 7th. The result was a shock – a nice surprise...

Vote for Grace

I’m sure many of us read the article that appeared in The Guardian over Easter, ‘David Cameron’s Wonky Cross’, and had an opinion. I...

The Frustration of Apathy

  We are part of a generation that is clued up about human trafficking; more so than our parents, much more so than our...