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Born and raised in the English Riviera in Devon, I moved to London in 1999 to study at University. After graduating in 2002, I headed to Life Church UK in Bradford for Christian leadership training which eventually became my new home for most of my twenties. I worked for the NHS for 6 years as a Clinical Exercise Specialist for very poorly people while serving at Life Church mainly within @lifechurchmusic After this I met my beautiful wife @MairiFranks and we are now currently living in Edinburgh at home at Central Church @jesusattheheart


The ‘Gay Cake Debate’

It’s almost two years since I’ve written anything at length around the subject of marriage. Back in June 2013 I was compelled to put...

Ancient Missional Adrenaline

KFC Church When I read the book of Acts, I really want to be a believer, a lover, a follower of Christ. I’m glad...