We will soon be heading up to Scotland to commence The CARE Three Peaks Challenge. We are all feeling really excited and ready to get started.

Thanks to our amazing sponsors we have hit our fundraising target of £1500! With their help we have now been able to raise our fundraising target to £2000 for CARE’s work against human trafficking: http://bit.ly/CARE3peaks

We have received a lot of requests for information on how we aim to tackle these mountains in the 24 hour time limit and we are pleased to outline our schedule below. We would need to follow this 24 hour plan to successfully complete The Three Peaks Challenge:

Thursday 9 June

17:00 Start Ben Nevis

22:00 Finish Ben Nevis and start drive to Scafell Pike (six hour drive)


Friday 10 June

04:00 Arrive and start climbing Scafell Pike

08:00 Finish Scafell Pike and start drive to Snowdon (five hour drive)

13:00 Arrive and start climbing Snowdon

17:00 Finish Snowdon, and complete the Challenge!


We are so grateful for your prayer support. Please continue to pray:

  • for good weather throughout the experience, (no rain and minimal wind would be ideal!)
  • against any injuries or illness for the team before and during the Challenge
  • for protection on the roads
  • against traffic which could delay us
  • for energy for all of us, including Tim who will be doing all the driving
  • for morale to be kept up even when we are tired
  • that God would enable us to complete the Challenge in 24 hours
  • thanksgiving for all the amazing support, encouragement and sponsorship we have received

If you would like to keep up with our progress on the challenge, we will be posting video updates on the Current Facebook page.