The Three Peaks team are counting down the weeks before the challenge kicks off on 9 June.

Tim: I, no doubt, have the easiest task in the group transporting the climbers from mountain to mountain, but it’s a job I’m taking seriously! I can only hope the days of map reading activities whilst in the scouts as a kid will serve me well. Failing that, the sat-nav will be out and I’ll be totally dependent on having signal! I’ll seek to serve the team well with plenty of carbs, and blister packs on the way.

Ashley: We are just three weeks away from The Three Peaks Challenge! We are halfway to reaching our fundraising target and are so grateful for the support, prayers and donations that have been coming in. I am now really trying to focus on training. As I spend most of my time in London, I do the bulk of my work-outs in a gym and so have been reluctantly trying to re-create the hill-walking leg-burn feeling indoors. I have been monopolising one piece of gym equipment, which I have nicknamed ‘The Beast’. Imagine walking up a downwards escalator for half an hour, with it randomly speeding up and threatening to throw you onto the floor in a sweaty heap and you have a good idea of ‘The Beast’. We have a love/hate relationship and I think it will be ending after the challenge. The big plus of the last week has been the recovery of Cameron, who damaged the nerves in his leg playing basketball recently. After a fortnight of limping about the office, he has just confirmed his leg is back to normal! Phew! Praise the Lord for a healthy Three Peaks Team!

Ben: Squats, squats and more squats! Less than a month to go and my legs are feeling good. I hope we all stay fit and injury free, then all should be well. I am confident in my fitness, but I’m still concerned about the lack of sleep, but I’m sure that we’ll all encourage each other and keep each other going. It will all be worth it in the end! Please do continue to support our efforts in combatting human trafficking.

Cameron: We are nearly there! Lots of training still to do for me as I had to take four weeks out with nerve damage in my leg… oh dear. I am now back to full training and am building my stamina back up. It’s been so amazing to see people supporting us and donations come in. The support from the team has been great. Our challenge is getting closer by the day and I can’t wait!

Christine: The challenge is almost upon us! I must admit, my training hasn’t been as consistent as I had hope as of late. One week, you’d find me sweating gallons on ‘The Beast’ stepper machine. Another week, you’d find me socialising with friends over real, good food with no solid plans to hit the gym at all. The few times I do make it to the gym however, I’ve really been trying to push myself to build endurance levels. It might just be all the positive endorphins, but I’m feeling quietly confident about the challenge and less nervous these days (compared to when we first started preparing – read our first post about the challenge here.) Praying that we hit our donations target… we are certainly getting there! We’ve come such an incredibly long way in the last couple of weeks thanks to those fundraising and standing with us. Each and every victim of human trafficking is loved, valued and worth fighting for.

If you haven’t yet, please help us reach our ‘Fundraising for Freedom’ target with whatever you can and head to our JustGiving page to sponsor us:

We really appreciate all of your encouraging support and prayers – let’s do this!

‘God’s Spirit is on me; he’s chosen me to preach the Message of good news to the poor, sent me to announce pardon to prisoners and recovery of sight to the blind, to set the burdened and battered free, to announce, “This is God’s year to act!”’ – Luke 4:18,19 (MSG)