In two months’ time, four relatively sheltered Londoners will take on the three highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales in 24 hours and hopefully raise £5000 for CARE’s vital work against human trafficking in the UK. Read on to meet the team.

BDBen: I’m looking forward to the Three Peaks Challenge and I’m confident about completing it within 24 hours. I’m envisioning us having half an hour left on the clock and deciding to run the last few miles in order to make it in time, however, I don’t feel nervous and I’m ready to absolutely smash it. There’s two months to go and I’m trusting in my general fitness to conquer the challenge. That is probably not a good idea! So my training begins tonight.

I have most of my gear ready, although I am one hiking pole down as I accidently only ordered one! So another pole is somewhere in the capable hands of Royal Mail as we speak and on its way to me. So my training has begun!

CDCameron: This month has been a month of firsts.

The first time that I have bought tights. Well actually running leggings but my wife told me they look like tights.

The first time I have bought a waterproof believe it or not! I think the last one I had was an oversized and uncomfy one that was stuffed into my bag before a primary school camp.

The first time I have bought walking socks! After having read all the reviews apparently sweaty feet are no more.

The first time (and hopefully last!) I will buy walking boots.

The first time that I have used a stepper machine – wow! They are intense and I have a whole new respect for anyone who goes on them for 10minutes let alone an hour!

There has been a lot of firsts in my preparation for the Three Peaks Challenge and so far it’s a completely new experience. And these will all continue, the first time I have climbed the UK’s highest peaks, the first time I will have exercised at 4am, the first time I will crash out at a B&B in North West Wales.

Each first is something new – each first is one more step towards fundraising for freedom.


Ashley: This is without a doubt the hardest physical challenge I have attempted so far and I am feeling pretty nervous, but really excited. There’s something great about tackling this feat as a team. I’ll be climbing these mountains alongside three solid Christians and good friends – people I truly admire. They will probably see me at my best and my worst in those 24 hours and I hope they will forgive me for my worst moments – I’m not the best person to spend time with when I’m tired – as some of them will have discovered in the office before I’ve had my first cup of coffee.  Whatever happens in the mountains I do not want to let my brilliant teammates down, and that’s what’s keeping me motivated to train hard, sweat buckets and get myself up to The Three Peaks Challenge!

Christine: As a born and bred Londoner, this challenge is definitely pushing me well and truly out of my comfort zone. I’ve come a very, very long way with my fitness journey in the last year and a bit. From someone who absolutely refused to do any form of exercise and shamelessly labelled “sleeping” and “eating” as her favourite ways to keep “fit”, I somehow managed to sign up for a gym membership and trained for the Nike Women’s 10km run last year. Only by the grace of God did I complete it, but for me, that was as extreme as it would get. So why did I agree to do the Three Peaks challenge? I ask myself this question every day.

I’m nowhere near ready for the challenge. As the most petite member of the team, I feel like my frightened, little legs will slow the pace down. I’m determined more than ever however, to go to the gym with my gym-buddy Ashley and train at least twice a week. Whether that’s enough, who knows? It’s all for the cause. My teammates are some of the most active people I know, and here I am mostly getting excited about the variety of delicious, sugar-infused snacks I’ll be taking with me to fuel energy levels, carb-loading, and shopping for new hiking gear. Oh, and let’s not forget the photo opportunities of lush, scenic views for Instagram!

Please do keep us in your prayers and don’t forget to head to our JustGiving page to sponsor us: Thanks for your support! Check back soon to see how we’re all getting on.