What do you think of when you hear the word “royalty”? Long robes? Sparkling garments? The Crown Jewels?

This year State Opening took place on the 18th of May. Because my father is a peer, I had the privilege of standing in the Peers’ Eldest Daughters Box. It’s quite the occasion – a beyond beautiful experience. I was able to help my mother find just the right last–minute attire for the event: a sparkly pale length gown with a vintage lace touch. Upon arriving, it felt as if we were transported into another century. Royal horses stood outside with polished hooves. Lords swept by with their ruby red robes draped smartly over black jackets. Ladies wore graceful white gloves, clustered pearls and glittering tiaras.

Back in the Chambers we waited in anticipation, watching the telly in the corner as Her Majesty rode her horse-drawn carriage. Chatter could be heard before the Queen entered but as soon as arrived, there was a great hush. Everyone rose to their feet.

Her Majesty, in her illustrious 90th year, glided gracefully towards throne like a swan dressed in white. The House of Commons’ Members of Parliament then shuffled inside and the Queen began her speech.

From digital economy to modern transportation, prison reform to soft drinks, the Queen read what was in store for the future of Britain.

Among the pomp and pageantry, glitter and glam, sceptres and swords, a certain item caught my eye: the Imperial State Crown.

The crown is a powerful symbol of the British Monarchy and symbolises sovereignty. When not in use, it is kept in the Tower of London. It’s so highly treasured that it comes in its own coach even before the monarch arrives.

Nothing glittered or sparkled more brightly in the room than the crown. It glimmered and dazzled everyone, as if winking its eye to the beholders of its beauty.

Then it hit me: we all wear an invisible crown on our heads.

It’s true. As Christ’s follower, you belong to a royal family far greater than all the kings and queens of this earth. You are a son or daughter of the Most High King.

Sometimes we forget our crown is even there. When a blow hits hard in life, our crown may wobble. We are tempted to hang our head low during life’s distractions. But Revelation 5:10 says, “You have made them to be kings and priests to serve our God and they will reign on the earth.”

Can you just imagine with me for a minute those crown jewels were on your head? You would probably try your best not to wobble your way down the majestic red carpet. You would take those large strides with glowing pride.

Our confidence is in Christ alone. “Patiently wait for God alone, my soul! For he is the one who gives me confidence.” Psalm 62:5

You too, can wear that shiny crown on your head. Except your crown is eternal. No matter how precious or treasured the Queen’s crown is, your crown is infinitely priceless. In fact you can’t put a price tag on it. And someday we will gladly lay our crowns at His feet. “They lay their crowns before the throne and say: “You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honour and power, and by your will they were created and have their being.” Revelation 4:10 -11

So chin up. Keep that sparkling, glimmering, dazzling invisible crown on your head. Shine brightly like that multi-faceted gem you are. You are a king. You are a queen. Lift your head.

“But upon himself his crown shall shine.” Psalm 132:18