At Current we believe we all have value, we all have purpose.

I believe this – it is something that I believe is true.

So what’s our value?

Usually we think of value in monetary terms. We think that something is valuable because it is worth a lot of money. But this is a cultural thing; something which man has decided. We have decided that certain metals, liquids and structures are ‘valuable’ usually because they allow the owner to generate wealth. So we see value as something that has its roots in personal gain.

But what if value is not based in personal gain but relational capacity?

We have been given God like qualities! We are able to love, forgive and create, all of which are able to do something that a bank vault full of money and jewels can’t. We have the ability to change people’s lives for the better through acts of kindness and love and do more ‘valuable’ things than money can ever do. We can build, sustain and invest in relationships which is a reflection of God’s loving relationship for his son Jesus. That’s why we are able to do it.

And we are extremely valuable to God. Not in monetary terms, but in relational terms. We are worth so much that he would sacrifice the most important relationship he had – the one with his son Jesus – so that man could enter into a loving relationship with him. God values us in terms of a relationship, not a cheque or a pot of gold.

Our value is found in who we are as creations of God and our potential to have a loving relationships with him.

So what’s our purpose?

To go out and make money? To be worth something? To contribute to society?

If you Google ‘What is the Purpose of Life’ you will get over 700 million results. I’ll save you the hassle of trawling through all of these….

The purpose of our lives’ is to know God and reciprocate his love for us: to have a relationship with him. And any relationship that is in anyway significant changes us and affects those around us. Our relationship with God changes us leads us to share him with the world. We just can’t help it, it is an infectious relationship.

This is what we have been designed for. We have been made, crafted, coded, fashioned, constructed, shaped – call it what you like – to have a relationship with God. This is the only key that unlocks the door life as it was made to be. Anything short of this leaves us constantly searching but never reaching our purpose.

This relationship will take us on journey that will transform our lives. It will lead us to love and care for people we we’d never of thought of and for people we will never meet. And the more time we spend with God, the more like him we will become and the more we will share his heart for this world.

Our purpose is to have a loving relationship with the living God.