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Going beyond the phenomenon

The real debate about abortion is not actually about “when life begins”. For a start, the classic arguments about bodily autonomy – the right...

Watch: #GE15 – Will you be voting?

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The Pornification of a Generation

Sesame Street, Thunderbirds, Power Rangers, Rugrats, Pokemon, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Arthur… Furby, Tamagotchi, Gameboy, Etch A Sketch, Swingball, Kerby, Hide and Seek, Hop...

Lecrae feat. Abortion?

He’s a Christian, award-winning hip-hop/rap artist based across the pond. You may have heard of Lecrae and his latest album ‘Anomaly’ which topped the Billboard...

The Frustration of Apathy

  We are part of a generation that is clued up about human trafficking; more so than our parents, much more so than our...
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That one time I agreed with Russell Brand

In December I watched Russell Brand make his first appearance on question time. Alongside UKIP’s Nigel Farage and a selection of MPs, he made...

Why I think all Christians should be feminists

What is a feminist? Despite the Oxford English Dictionary definition of feminist as an “advocate of women’s rights on the ground of political social...

They’ve got 99 billion and the user’s more than one

Sex sells. ‘Great – tell me something I don’t know’ you might be thinking… Shampoo, cars, perfume, coke – companies make money from ‘sexy’...
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Value. Purpose. Current.

Every drop of blood, every ounce of oxygen. Every thought, word and action. Every blink, breath and heartbeat. Everything we are. Everything we were....