Our feelings and emotions are wonderful things. We feel the world through them. We express ourselves through them. We communicate through them.

Yet emotions and feelings are all over the place at the moment in the UK. The European Referendum result has caused deep anger and fury to spill out all over social media. The political fallout as a result of the referendum has caused confusion and scepticism. England being knocked out of Euro 2016 has caused frustration and disappointment.

And it is all understandable.

But yet over this past week, there will have been parents ecstatic with the birth of a new baby. There will have been friends celebrating engagements and promotions and sporting triumphs.

And that too, is all understandable!

Our emotions fluctuate. We can be happy in the morning, and be hit by bad news and be inconsolable by midday. Or we can wake up on the wrong side of bed, tired and grumpy, only to be greeted with goods news and we’ll change to be brimming with happiness.

We ride along the sea of life, and our emotions change as each new wave hits us, whether good or bad. The wind blows one way and we’re upbeat, then the wind blows another way and we’re downcast.

Unfortunately, our emotions can affect our faith. When we’re happy, it’s easier to praise God. When we’re frustrated, it’s easier to be angry at God. When we’re sad, it’s easier to doubt God. When we’re apathetic, it’s easier to forget God.

But we cannot allow ourselves to be ruled by our emotions. We are saved by faith, not feelings. Our faith in Jesus is an anchor for our souls.

If your faith in Jesus changes depending on your emotions then take hold of the promise that “If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” (Romans 10:9).

Feelings change, and that is understandable, but your feelings do not change your salvation. You can be hit by anything in life, and not be consumed by your emotions because Jesus is your rock. Faith in Jesus is a faith grounded in fact. You are saved. When you’re sad, you’re saved. When you’re delighted, you’re saved. When you’re depressed, you’re saved. When you’re confused, you’re saved. When you’re excited, you’re saved.

Understand that Jesus is your anchor. When you are hit with events, you will understandably react to them. But one thing does not change – you are saved and loved by an unchanging God.

If you cling to Jesus, you will not be tossed about by the changing tides of life. Your emotions will not be what rules you; Jesus rules and Jesus reigns. Jesus holds you tight and keeps you firm. You are saved.

When you know that truth, then you can boldly sing, “Whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say: It is well, it is well with my soul!”