In December I watched Russell Brand make his first appearance on question time. Alongside UKIP’s Nigel Farage and a selection of MPs, he made his usual calculated and chaotic statements on everything from immigration to the NHS. He was, I’ll admit, intriguing compared to the usual panellists.

As I continued watching however, I couldn’t help but shake my head as he vented his disregard for voting and engagement with politics. How exciting it could be if he got properly stuck into the conversation of politics!

I was left thinking if I would ever agree with him on anything.

At Current we believe that debate, politics and community are valuable. They are important.

Together as a society, each one of us needs to uphold and promote the dignity of the human being. We want to see our Parliaments and Assemblies taking this seriously.

That is why I was so surprised when I watched his recent video tackling online pornography and confessing the effects it has had on his life.

In his usual animated style, Brand outlines how both soft and hardcore porn have damaged him and the way they have effected how sex is viewed in society.

Towards the end of the video, after having made some powerful observations, comes this admission:

“Pornography is not something I like, it is something I haven’t been able to make a long term commitment to not looking at and it is affecting my ability to relate to women, my own sexuality and my own spirituality.”

And before that:

“….[my] relationship with pornography is the hub of feelings of inner conflict and doubt…”

He also thinks that porn is the cause of “an exaggerated perception of sexual activity, diminished trust between couples, the belief that promiscuity is the natural state and the abandonment of hope in sexual monogamy.”


*speechless pause*

Just like alcohol, many people think that porn causes no harm to others, but only to the individual. We all know given the amount of drink driving accidents and domestic abuse cases (to name a few) that this is not the case. The reality is that porn is drug-like and can certainly harm more than just the person viewing it.

“…..if I had total dominion over myself I would never look at pornography again. One day at a time I would kick it out of my life…”

It sounds like he is speaking of a Class A drug addiction!


Perhaps watch it again (top of post) and spend 60 seconds to consider a couple of things. Feel free to leave comments below…

  1. Which one of Brand’s observations do you see in society today?
  2. How would you sum this video up in three words?
  3. Like me, is this a time that you agree with Russell Brand?