Most people will agree that there’s something wrong in the world. You don’t have to go far to see this. Just take a look at the headlines over the past few weeks:

Lorry ploughs through crowd in Nice
Porn desensitizing young people
Too many girls held back by inner critic
Soldier dies while training in South Wales
Russian athletes banned for doping
Southern Rail hit with massive train cancellations
16 year old boy sentenced for Twitter bomb hoax
Failed coup in Turkey
Multiple attacks in Germany
Mother and daughter shot in Lincolnshire
Priest killed in France

We live in a broken world. Something is desperately wrong, and we need a solution. But the solution can only be found when we discover the real problem behind all of these headlines.

Let’s see an example of this in human trafficking. We can all agree that human trafficking is bad. But what’s the problem behind the problem? Why do some people capture other humans and sell them on? Because that’s the extreme end of thinking that you’re “better than other people”. It’s the extreme, but logical, end of thinking that some people are worse than you and not worth your time. Human trafficking is the external problem, and thinking you’re better than others is the true problem.

I don’t see anyone lining up to do a skydive to raise money to combat the issue of people thinking they’re better than other people. Because we all think it. We’re all guilty.

Let’s look at more examples.

What’s the problem behind the problem of an ever increasing pornography use? Lust.

What’s the problem behind the problem of poverty? Greed and selfishness from those in power.

What’s the problem behind the problem of comparing yourself to others? Envy and jealousy.

And we’re all lustful, greedy, selfish, envious and jealous people.

What’s the problem behind all of those problems? Pride.

And behind pride is a rejection of God. That is the ultimate problem in the world.

The more we reject God, the more we love the darkness of sin. The more we reject God, the more we’re going to be seeing headlines like those listed above.

Politicians and officials will scramble to say how horrified they are at current events and will vow to improve things, only for us to see that cycle repeated over and over again. There’ll be calls for peace, for improved education, for greater community and for understanding. They’re good things and will partially help, but they won’t make real problems go away.

Education won’t stop us from being selfish. Calls for peace won’t stop jealousy. A community spirit won’t stop lust. Legislation won’t stop greed.

What we need is this nation to turn back to God. We need him to remove our evil hearts and replace them with hearts of perfection. There’s something wrong with the world, but God entered into our world to make it right again. That’s the only solution we have.