Every drop of blood, every ounce of oxygen.
Every thought, word and action.
Every blink, breath and heartbeat.
Everything we are. Everything we were. Everything we will be.
It all has value. It all has purpose.
We all have value. We all have purpose.

Ladies and gents, you’ve just read the opening lines of the Current manifesto (you can read it in full here). ‘Current?’ you ask. Allow me to introduce this brand new initiative developed by Christian UK charity CARE (Christian Action, Research and Education). The web platform aims to inspire, challenge and mobilise Christian Millennials aka Gen Y to impact society on the fundamental dignity of human life. Welcome!

In this ever-changing world and amongst all of the madness that we call life, we’ve certainly witnessed seismic shifts in attitudes towards work, the family unit, sex and faith. The gap between the generations is widening. However, there remains a real need and desire for our generation to engage with issues of faith and how our faith plays out in the public arena.

Are you passionate to see more young Christians standing up for the most vulnerable in society? Current is a dynamic and relevant online space where we invite you to discuss, access up-to-date information and share your valuable opinions and stories on a plethora of issues covering life, death, justice, leadership and more. Online or offline, we all have an opinion (or are at least deciding on one). Some just like to express theirs more than the rest of us – am I right?

Whenever we get behind a cause that is close to our hearts, we can often feel extremely overwhelmed by it that we don’t know where to begin. We then think that we can’t make an actual difference, because who will pay attention to this tiny little voice? David vs. Goliath part two anyone?

Sure, we can share a post or hit that retweet button, but we know deep down that we could and should get more involved like Jesus did and take real action when it comes to going about our Father’s business and demonstrating His epic love for each and every human being created in His beautifully glorious image.

We believe that Gen Y has a voice, and the world needs to hear it! Those over-promising leaders of our nation need to hear it. Politics – whether you care about it or not – affects us all in many different ways. Something to keep in mind especially on the run-up towards the General Elections on May 7th. This new Current platform will help you tackle complex moral and political ideas and encourage you to be a part of a community of fellow believers standing up for the Christian perspective.

We all have value. We all have purpose. Join us!
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